July 9, 2014: Route 66 – Seligman – Needles – Williams

Today’s Map

Below is an interactive map of our trip, tracked using my Trimble Outdoors Navigator iPhone app. You can zoom in, or click the link below for a bigger, fullscreen map.

Feel free to browse and refer to the map for details about where we traveled, the photos were taken, etc.

Last Day Westbound

Today would be our last day westbound, and we would turn around in Needles and return east, taking 66 most of the way (when possible) and in particular, some areas of 66 that we missed on the way out. Due to time constraints, in a few areas where we did take 66 west, we might skip them east….depends on how our timing goes.

I woke up before sunrise, which was odd considering how little sleep I’d had on this trip. But it was fortunate, because I was treated to a very beautiful and peaceful sunrise in Seligman.

Good morning, Seligman!

Good morning, Seligman!

Good morning, Seligman!

KOA Kampground next to the Stagecoach 66 Motel

KOA Route 66, Seligman, Arizona

Love the old motel keychains!

Stagecoach 66 Motel Key, Route 66, Seligman, Arizona

Once my grandson was up, fairly early – we began the ritual of getting him ready and packing up. He was very helpful today, since the motel was on one level. He was able to carry his own belongings out to the car, which made the process easier!

Sadly, we were not in Seligman during anytime that the Snow Cap was open, but here is a photo this morning. We had been here before when Juan Delgadillo was alive; my first visit was on my trip in August 2000 with my daughter and the next time was on my honeymoon in June 2002.

As always, I required coffee. I was very happy with the VERY good coffee (and half and half – yeah!) at Historic Seligman Sundries.

Snow Cap Drive-in, Route 66, Seligman, Arizona

There are several sets of Burma Shave signs around Seligman. Pat is not into them, but I am, and I was driving, so I subjected him to a complete reading of each…and…every…set…of…signs.

Burma Shave signs on westbound Route 66, Arizona

Route 66 west, Peach Springs, Arizona

Pat asked me to turn around and stop in this area. Off to the right, there appears to be a small dirt track of some sort. It has fairly high banked curves and Pat’s thought was that it might have provided some inspiration for the dirt track in Cars.

Track along Route 66,  near Peach Springs, Arizona

In Truxton, we passed by the Frontier Motel, which is currently undergoing restoration of the motel and cafe.

Frontier Motel - Route 66, Truxton, Arizona

Heading west toward Kingman.

Route 66 west of Truxton, Arizona

Entering Kingman, we are nearing the end of our westward journey.

Here is the Route 66 Motel.

Route 66 Motel, Kingman, Arizona

The Orchard Inn

Orchard Inn Motel, Route 66

Hill Top Motel

Hill Top Motel, Route 66, Kingman, Arizona

Hill Top Motel, Route 66, Kingman, Arizona

Arcadia Lodge

Arcadia Lodge, Route 66, Kingman, Arizona

Welcome to Kingman!

Welcome to Kingman, Arizona

Here is the turn under I-40 outside of Kingman to take Route 66 (Oatman Road), the older alignment of 66 that goes through the mountains and through the town of Oatman, home to the burros!

Route 66 near Exit 44 (I-40), Kingman, Arizona

Historic 66 sign on Oatman Road, Kingman, Arizona

Historic 66 sign on Oatman Road, Kingman, Arizona

Looking back east on 66 from Shaffer Springs Fishbowl

Oatman Road (Route 66), Arizona

Shaffer Springs Fishbowl

Shaffer Spring Fishbowl, Oatman Road (Route 66), Arizona

What a climb…we did it!! But looking back down, the little man then got scared and wanted to come back down.

Oatman Road (Route 66), Arizona

Oatman Road (Route 66), Arizona

Arriving in Oatman!

Oatman’s most famous inhabitants are currently the burros, which come down from the mountains every day during business hours (like clockwork) to visit the tourists, who will gladly feed them.
Route 66 - Oatman, Arizona

We prepared our grandson for the excitement of the burros by watching YouTube videos. We bought some burro food from a shop, but all the videos in the world weren’t going to help him adjust to a frightening sense of overwhelm at being surrounded by these giant creatures (to his little 3 year old self, they were). I also felt a bit panicky at having them surround him, so I quickly grabbed the burro food and tossed it away and pulled our grandson out of the circle of burros he’d been surrounded. They gave us slight chase, but when they realized we had no food, they moved on to other tourists who did, and who helped lure them away.

We bought him a stuffed animal burro, which he enjoys and happily isn’t too emotionally scarred from the experience. He did say afterward, that he doesn’t want to see the real burros again, so I think there is a little scarring. Hopefully, he’ll change his mind when he gets older.

We had some ice cream to cool down before we left town.
Route 66 - Oatman, Arizona

West of Oatman, heading toward Topock.

Oatman-Topock Highway (Route 66), Between Oatman and Topock, Arizona

Oatman-Topock Highway (Route 66), Between Oatman and Topock, Arizona

We had read on one of the Route 66 Facebook pages that the road near Topock was closed due to rains earlier in the week. I was unable to check on that or ask anyone if that was still the case, because we had very little Internet signal. Sure enough, in Topock, the road was closed so we went to Needles on Route 1, and then 95 and crossing down into Needles, California.

We saw the 66 Motel, with its recently (2012) restored sign, with fundraising led by Ed Klein of Route 66 World.

66 Motel - Route 66, Needles, California

66 Motel - Route 66, Needles, California

After Needles, we proceeded to head east on I-40 toward the Park Moabi Road exit (153), where we would be taking more photos of locations used in the opening credits of Easy Rider between here and Exit 1 on the Arizona side. Click here for my post of the Easy Rider Filming Locations, with photos and description of this area, as well as screen captures from the movie.

Old Stone billboard - Route 66 Welcome sign


After finishing with all of the movie locations around the Arizona – California border, we headed back east to Kingman on the Interstate, which was a later alignment of Route 66, starting in 1953, bypassing the Oatman Road alignment. It’s a longer way around (really, it feels long!) and far less interesting and fun than Oatman Road. But we’d already taken Oatman Road on the way out, so we took this way back until we got to Kingman, where we exited back onto Route 66.

By this time, the little man needed a playground break and we wanted to eat, so we killed two birds with one stone by stopping in Kingman by Locomotive Park, home to this 1927 steam locomotive. Click the link for more info on the steam train. Jameson had fun running around and letting off some steam (pun intended!).

Locomotive Park, Route 66, Kingman, Arizona

Once we felt we could take a break from the train, we headed next door to Mr. D’z Route 66 Diner to eat, followed by a little more play time at the train.

Mr. D'z - Route 66, Kingman, Arizona

Moving on, this sign for the Kingman Club is on Beale Street.

Kingman Club Sign, Beale Street, Kingman, Arizona

We continued east on 66 through Kingman, and took a few photos we didn’t get on the way west.

The El Trovatore Motel

El Trovatore Morel, Route 66, Kingman, Arizona

El Trovatore Morel, Route 66, Kingman, Arizona

El Trovatore Morel, Route 66, Kingman, Arizona

Uptown Drug

Uptown Drug & Medical Supply, Route 66, Kingman, Arizona

ABC Chinese Buffet

ABC Buffet, Route 66, Kingman, Arizona

We continued to take 66 east from Kingman. East of Seligman, I noticed the sunset in the rear view mirror and thought it was beautiful enough to stop for a photo!

Sunset on 66, east of Seligman, Arizona

Once 66 leads into I-40 near Ash Fork, we took the Interstate east to Williams, where we took 66. Since it was getting late, we had already decided to stay in Williams for the night.

Slideshow of All Photos (July 9, 2014)

Below is a slideshow of all of the photos from this portion of the trip.
Click any photo to stop the slideshow and view the photos on my Flickr site. 
If you are on an iOS device and do not see the slideshow below, click here to view the set on Flickr.

Hope you enjoyed the ride!

Pat & Jennifer


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