Jennifer & Pat at Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard, St. Louis, Missour

I originally started Road Trip Memories as an “online scrapbook” and information resource for my first Route 66 vacation, back in 2000. The original site changed over time to include a section for myself, one for my husband Pat, and lastly, our road trips together. We have since switched to the WordPress blog format, and expanded it to include new road trips to a variety of places and U.S. Highways and camping trips in our Serro Scotty travel trailer!

We also enjoy meticulously researching and photographing filming locations from our favorite movies and sometimes I’ll ramble about other subjects, but it’s usually related to travel, technology, photography, gadgets, and gear for traveling, etc. You’ll find the various topics I write about on the navigation bar above under Posts.

The Photography page features links to my Flickr page where I display my photography and I have a Links page with links of interest to roadies, campers, travel photography enthusiasts, etc.

We hope you decide to slow down and just take a drive on the old two-lane U.S. highways whenever possible. The Interstate is safe, fast and reliable, and has its benefits…but really, how much fun can you have on that endless slab of monotony? Aren’t you tired of visiting the same boring, generic rest stops over and over again? Or would you rather…

  • See a large ball of twine?
  • Visit a pharmacy shaped like a mortar and pestle?
  • See unique neon signs?
  • Have a burger and a real cherry coke from a fountain?
  • Visit snake farms and buffalo ranches?
  • Search for the ghost light?
  • Visit mystery spots?
  • See uniquely painted water towers like peaches, smiley faces and even a ketchup bottle?

See America – not Generica!

Our new retro travel trailer has given us a new way to experience travel by going on weekend camping trips in our area. Someday, we’d love to buy a bigger RV and travel more – we dream about possibly “full timing”, which would involve selling our house and living in a trailer or motorhome; we may keep our house and travel part time. That time is quite a way off, but in the meantime, we’re planning and preparing for a life spent seeing the U.S.A.! We want to see the mountains and the prairies and all the rest of that song! Look out America, here we come!

Pat and Jennifer


Our Bitstrip Cartoon “Alter Egos”

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  1. Gary Goldberg says:

    Hello. Found your website from a posting I believe your husband made on thr Teardrops & TTT Forum about your new T@B trailer. Congrats! I was wondering where the picture of the ALT I-70 US 40 signs were taken?

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Gary! Yes, Pat did just join the forum. I have too, but haven’t had a chance to post yet. We are VERY excited about our T@B, and we’re already having fun. I’m not sure exactly where the photo was taken, but it is definitely Ohio, on US 40 west of Columbus. I took it 50 minutes before a photo in Columbus, that’s the best I can say about where it was taken. That’s why I try to geotag my photos now!

  2. DON says:

    Is there a part of this site or other where I can offer my T@B

  3. DON says:

    Is there somewhere on this site or another where we can list our 2007 T@B T16-1 Fireball trailer for sale??

  4. JoDee says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I am thinking you did an article or a website about holyland usa- in waterbury connecticut. it has a bunch of old slides that were scanned into the computer and put up on the web– -my grandfather- Joseph Coviello and his children were some of the volunteers making the stone walls there– do you have any pictures of the workers doing the job or anyone I can contact to further investigate this- I am a News Anchor by day in Upstate New York– by night- very interested in geanology. thanks a bunch! JoDee Kenney

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi JoDee, I did write an article, which appeared in AMERICAN ROAD Magazine back in 2008 (I think it was the Autumn 2008 issue).

      I also do have photos of Holy Land taken during construction by my great-uncle, Donald Lucian. No one in the photos is identified, though. All of my photos, which includes present day photos, postcards, and my uncle’s slides are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/roadtripmemories/sets/72157603616821181/

      I have a TON of articles I got from the Waterbury Library. If you would like, I can peruse them (when I figure out where they are) and see if there is any mention of your grandfather.

  5. Burak says:

    Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks for this great website – these pages inspired me for over a year now where you used to have a page named Planning Route66 Trip


    Do you still happen to have a copy of that website you published? You had all travel times, prices etc. and I took that as a guideline. Just several weeks ago I checked it back again and the website was gone.

    Couldn’t get to you by e-mail directly – but please do let me know if you still have a copy, or if you can share it. I take that website as the “Codex” of my future travel !

    Thanks already,

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi there and thanks for writing! I had been meaning to convert every page from that old website into the new blog format and have been chipping away slowly at it. The other site still existed until a few months ago, until due to a technical glitch, my hosting service did not renew. I still have the original site stored on my hard drive and will get that page up and running just for you! I’m pleased you found it helpful; I might even see if it needs some updating with current info.

      When are you going to travel Route 66? Soon?

      Look out for that page coming back soon, thanks again!

      • Burak says:

        Hey Jennifer,

        Didn’t expect you to reply *that* fast, thanks!

        I wanted to get on Route 66 this year but I’ve been visiting friends this summer, so I had to postpone. So the trip will be next summer, but I’ll be planning everything this August the latest for the next year. My only problem would be to find a vintage red-hot cabrio to drive with..

        The only problem is that I have to take a 13-hrs flight from home in Zürich to Chicago first, and from LA to Chicago, then from Chicago to Zürich back so I need well more than 2 weeks to go with the full trip, being jetlagged is not a good idea before driving miles and miles through unfamiliar places.

        Your old website had been almost an “enigma” =) I’ve been sharing that site with friends all over the world who wanted to take a similar trip. The way you put your trip was very straightforward, frank, and with no shiny-images, ads etc..To the point. Thanks for putting it up and sharing it with all of us.

        I’ll check the website regularly to see if it’s up.

        Thanks already!

      • Burak says:

        Hey Jennifer,

        It’s been a long time since I’ve dropped the last comment – I’ll be travelling this summer, its set. I wanted to check if you still have the old website somewhere I can download so I can view offline.


  6. Robert says:

    Love your blog! I would like to do the same thing myself! If you ever do Federal Hwy 34 or 150 please stop in Galesburg, IL at Vintages. It is a wine shop that my wife owns. http://vintagestaste.com/

  7. Lauren says:

    I love what you are doing! Road trips are something that seems to have fallen by the waste-side, so it is nice to see people appreciate them. You can’t been a trip across America in a car visiting the most interesting things!
    Check out my website at http://www.indiegogo.com/roadsideneonsc, I think you will appreciate it. Thanks!

  8. Savanah says:

    Hi, I am a longtime resident of the Groton/Mystic area having moved here in 1978. My husband and I eat at Mystic Pizza all the time. I’ve worked at 2 different locations in downtown Mystic through the years. I’ve very much enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures in your Mystic Pizza filming locations blog. You presented a very detailed and informative page. Thanks and have a great day.

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