May 12, 2013: Day 3 – East Bound and Down

Above is today’s trip map created using my Trimble Outdoors Navigator iPhone app.
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After my daughter’s change of plans, I decided to make a few contact to see if anyone could meet early Sunday, enabling Pat and me to freely travel the area later in the week, less scheduled.

We started out from Danbury and headed back to Waterbury. At 9:00, I met my longtime friend Joann, and had loads of fun and laughs reminiscing:

Joann & Me at Panera

And more laughs visiting with my cousin Diana:

And some good Margherita pizza at Bertucci’s:
Margherita Pizza at Bertucci - Waterbury, Connecticut

Aftermeeting with Diana, we decided to visit the PEZ Candy Museum. We saw signs for this museum last year, but didn’t have a chance to stop. Pat and I now had the time, so we meandered toward Orange. What a cool place the PEZ museum is! You don’t have to like PEZ candy to appreciate the museum, but it helps! LOL

The dispensers are fun, and they have loads of them on display. Here are just a few below. To see more, see the slideshow at the bottom of the page for all of the photos from today or click over here directly to my Flickr set.

PEZ Visitors Center - Pixar characters

It’s not just a museum, they actually make the PEZ candy here too!
PEZ Visitors Center

I commented to Pat that I bet the show “Unwrapped” would have visited here and sure enough, the show popped on a TV in the lobby. LOL

After the PEZ Museum, we decided to go toward Mystic, Connecticut. We again had some great fried clams for dinner at the Sea View Snack bar, along the Mystic River.

Fried clam strips dinner- Sea View Snack Bar, Mystic, Connecticut

We went to downtown Mystic and walked around at sunset, catching a nice view over the Mystic River and the Drawbridge that carries US-1 traffic:

Mystic River at Sunset, Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic River Bascule Bridge -US 1, Mystic, Connecticut

We walked along Main Street (US-1) through downtown Mystic. Still slightly offseason, not all shops were open, but the Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream Shop was open, so we each enjoyed a little.

We also ventured over to Mystic Pizza and not thinking the two of us would be able to handle a whole pizza, had a slice of pizza each and a sparkling, crisp Coca-Cola.

Mystic Pizza - Mystic, CT

Mystic Pizza - Mystic, CT

We walked back along Main Street, then back to the hotel to relax, have a drink and continue to plan the remainder of our wide-open week!

Until tomorrow…

Pat & Jennifer

Today’s Photographs

Below is a slideshow of all of today’s photos.
Click any photo to stop the slideshow and view the photos on my Flickr site.

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