Moonstruck Filming Locations

Another favorite film of mine is “Moonstruck.” Cher plays Loretta Castorini, an Italian-American widow living with her parents in Brooklyn, who is torn between her fiancé and his brother.

First, here is a video montage created by my daughter Amber, containing her photos, as well as some of mine.  Once you have enjoyed that, I have the locations listed below, with the photos. Not all locations in the video are up on this page yet…it’s a work in progress!

19 Cranberry Street, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

Here are two views of the Castorini House from the movie.

The Castorini House - 19 Cranberry Street, Brooklyn, NY

The Castorini House - 19 Cranberry Street, Brooklyn, NY


19 Cranberry Street, Brooklyn, NY

Loretta walking back to her house on Cranberry Street

Moonstruck - East on Cranberry Street, Brooklyn, NY

May 2008

East on Cranberry Street, Brooklyn, NY

West on Cranberry Street – Brooklyn Heights

From the movie, looking west on Cranberry Street, heading toward the Brooklyn Promenade, with its views of lower Manhattan.

Moonstruck - Cranberry Street, Brooklyn, NY

May 2008

Cranberry Street, Brooklyn, NY

Sackett & Henry Streets – Brooklyn

In this scene, Loretta goes to the Cammareri Bakery to invite her fiance’s brother to the wedding. Loretta is standing on the northwest corner of Sackett & Henry Streets, about to cross to the southeast corner to the Cammareri Bros. Bakery. This view is looking south on Henry Street.

Moonstruck - Sackett & Henry Streets, Brooklyn, NY

May 2008. View from the northwest corner of Sackett & Henry Streets, looking south on Henry Street. The pharmacy from Moonstruck is still there on the left. On the right is the location where the Cammareri Bakery was located.

Sackett & Henry Streets, Brooklyn, NY

Loretta entering the cellar of the bakery to talk to Ronny.

Moonstruck - Corner of Sackett & Henry, Brooklyn, NY

May 2008. This is where the Cammareri Bros. Bakery was located, and the entrance to the cellar is on the right, by the SUV.

Corner of Sackett & Henry Streets - Brooklyn, NY

W. 4th & 12th Streets (Manhattan) – New York, NY

The fictitious restaurant, the Grand Ticino, is featured at various points in the movie. Its first appearance is during a scene when Loretta and Johnny are having dinner and Johnny proposes. Later, Loretta’s mother Rose (Olympia Dukakis), dines alone and meets Perry (John Mahoney), a college professor with a penchant for getting drinks thrown in his face by the college students he dates.

According to the street signs, the restaurant is located at Hicks & Cranberry Streets. The Castorini home is located at 19 Cranberry Street in Brooklyn, and the characters are depicted as being within a short walking distance. Moonstruck - Grand Ticino

May 2009. The actual location for the building is in the West Village in Manhattan, at 4th & 12th Streets.

W. 4th & 12th Sts. New York

Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Promenade

From the movie.

Moonstruck - Manhattan from the Brooklyn Promenade

May 2008

Manhattan from the Brooklyn Promenade

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17 Responses to Moonstruck Filming Locations

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  2. Dominic Pace says:

    Thank you so much for this.. I’m a fan of movie locations.. Here is my album for the west coast.. you are welcome to it. Dominic

  3. Joel says:

    Thank you! This is awesome! I am watching Moonstruck right now and googled 19 cranberry street, brooklyn and am loving this!

    • Jennifer says:

      Glad you liked it. It’s amazing that they used the real address in the movie. Sure makes it easier to find the location when they use the real address. It was like that for another movie I wanted to find a location to, only that was in Paris, and it was 1996, even before Google and 10 years before Street View. But I found that one too!

  4. Nicole says:

    Thank you for all the info. Any idea where they filmed the confession scene (the Church)?

  5. Jim Setzer says:

    Thanks as well, This would be a great surprise to take my wife who is a “Moonstruck” fan.

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  7. Jan Farrington says:

    I’ve just been walking around Brooklyn Heights and found the house on Cranberry–but would also love to know what church Loretta and her mother were in. St. Charles Borromeo would have probably been their “real” parish church–it’s southeast of the house a few blocks…but I went in there and it looked much too dark. Do you know? If not, I’ll try to investigate….Thanks!

  8. Joanne Menzin says:

    Thanks so much for the locations! I have always wanted to go to all of them and now I can. The bakery location across the stree from the pharmacy is in Cobble Hill I think- just a bit farther south than Brooklyn Heights.

    • Jennifer says:

      You’re welcome! I personally don’t know the delineation between neighborhoods. According to Google Maps, which has a very cool feature which outlines the border of neighborhoods, it’s in Carroll Gardens. Either way, enjoy your visit and glad you enjoyed my page!

    • Jennifer says:

      You’re very welcome! Yes, the bakery location is not right nearby the other locations in Brooklyn Heights – it is farther south, not much. I put in all the addresses or intersections in my posts, so that people can visit them if they want.

  9. Joanne Menzin says:

    Do you know where they filmed inside for the Grand Ticino restaurant? Is there a real restaurant? I know the outside was shot on 4th & 12th Sts in the west village/NYC.

  10. Joao says:

    Cool. Had no idea the hipster coffeshop on my corner and where I often have breakfast was the Cammareri Bros. Bakery.

  11. Dianne says:

    I am delighted to find a whole horde of people who are as crazy obsessed as I am with this wonderful film. I pull it out every winter to chase away the blues, which it does, invariably.

  12. aggie longo says:

    Absolutely takes me back to my Italian upbringing, that was our kitchen growing up! My favorite movie of all time.

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