June 22, 2002: Our Honeymoon on Route 66 (Day 9)

Adrian, Texas to Joplin, Missouri

We had an early breakfast at the Midpoint Cafe, which was excellent! We met with Joann again, then parted until next time!  We both felt the Midpoint cafe was our new favorite place to eat along the route!

Evil-I to the Jericho Gap

We continued on the Interstate until east of Oklahoma City, where we took 66 through Edmond, Arcadia, and Warwick.  We stopped by Seaba Station and met with list member Sue Preston and her husband Sonny…what great people! We stayed and talked for about two hours!  We wished we could have stayed longer and gone to dinner, but we knew we had to be back home Sunday night so Pat could be in work Monday morning. Sue’s station is wonderful and an absolute “must stop” on any Route 66 journey!

In total contrast to the wonderful independently owned El Rancho Motel in Williams, our first choice of a motel in Joplin was a perfect example of when NOT to support Mom & Pop.  Based on the exterior, the Roadsite Motel in U.S. 71, near the I-44, seemed to be an “OK” place to stay – cool neon sign, too. But after checking out the bathroom, the floor was crawling with insects, and a few dead ones too!  These additional guests didn’t confine themselves to the bathroom, so we immediately went to the office and got our money back. It was the first time we ever did that! And if we ever encounter a place like that again, it won’t be the last!

We opted to stay next door at the Hampton Inn…as you might expect, it was an excellent choice. We stayed there because of their support of Route 66 and assistance in restoring/preserving Route 66 landmarks.

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