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Running to Madison


We had a nice Saturday afternoon trip down to Madison, Indiana for some fudge and burgers. Due to some time constraints, we had to jump on the interstate heading down, but got off onto US 31 in Columbus and took IN-7 into Madison.


Due to the fact the Madison Fudge Factory closed at 5pm, we had less than a half hour to get in and get our fix of sugary goodness. The Factory’s HIGHLY recommended by us, as we’ve tried all the fudge shops in Madison….but we still buy from all of them anyway!

Next up was dinner at Hinkle’s Hamburgers on Main Street, an institution in Madison dating back to 1933. We were taken aback when our order arrived and the burgers were rather on the smallish side, but that did not deter from the quality of the meal. We’ll just know to order TWO each next time, as their prices are more than reasonable. They were maybe a tick larger than a White Castle burger, but without the side effects. ;-)

After our grub at Hinkle’s, we strolled to the east end of Main at US 421, then crossed over to the south side of Main and walked it back to the west end of Main. We took a lot of photos so we can, sometime in the future, compare them to some scenes in the 1958 film “Some Came Running”, with Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin, which was filmed in Madison.

We ended up back at the car near the Broadway Hotel, built in 1834.

The lady behind the front desk was kind enough to give us a key so we could look at the only vacant room of the ten they have, and it was like stepping back in time. It definitely had an 1800’s feel to it….all for $109/night on weekends & $85/night throughout the week.

From there, we loaded in the car and made our way towards the Ohio River for a couple of photos before making the 100 mile journey back home on US 421

The rest of my pics can be found on my flickr site, and Jennifer’s can be found here on her site.

Some Came Running…for fudge?


Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Shirley MacLaine didn’t go running to Madison, Indiana for fudge, but every once in a while, we do.

Madison, Indiana is a neat town in southern Indiana with very nice architecture, shops, and dining. It sits right on the Ohio River and was the filming location for the 1958 film “Some Came Running,” starrring the aforementioned celebrities.

It was a nice day, we felt like getting out, so we drove down to Madison to pick up some fudge at the Madison Fudge Factory & Guest Suites. They have two guest suites upstairs, and the evening turn-down service includes fudge samples. Don’t quote me, but I think a night’s stay includes a half or full pound of fudge, as well. The shop also sells jellies, jams, salsas, and they have a separate area, which serves as a toy shop.

Madison Fudge Factory - Madison, Indiana

After getting our requisite supply of fudge, we parked on Broadway and walked along Main Street. We passed by the Ohio Theatre, which annually plays “Some Came Running.”

Ohio Theatre - Madison, Indiana

They also had a star embedded in the sidewalk (reminiscent of the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”) paying permanent tribute to the film and its stars.

"Some Came Running" sidewalk star - Ohio Theatre, Madison, Indiana

We went by the Madison Bank and Trust Company, which is a really neat building. The date on the top is “1833.”

Madison Bank & Trust Company, Madison, Indiana

We had dinner at Hinkle Hamburgers, and since I was craving a hamburger, I ordered one. To my surprise, they were small, similar to White Castle’s hamburgers. I was starving, so I ordered another! They were very good!

Hinkle Hamburgers - Madison, Indiana

As sunset approached, we walked back to the car and saw the Broadway Hotel. This place looks like an interesting place to stay. It looks very close to its original 1800’s style. The rooms don’t have many modern amenities like phone, television, or internet service, but they do have the modern essentials of air conditioning and indoor plumbing!

Broadway Hotel - Madison, Indiana

They let us see a room, and we walked up the narrow, creaky staircase. Amazingly, the doors have actual keys!

Broadway Hotel - Madison, Indiana

We drove over to the Milton-Madison Bridge, which carries traffic on US 421.

Milton-Madison Bridge, US 421, Madison, Indiana

We drove back home and passed by the Moon-Lite Motel in Versailles (which, in Indiana, is pronounced veer-SALES, not to be confused with vehr-SIGH in France). We saw this motel several years ago and thought it was really cute, with a terrific neon sign too. It was dark, so the neon sign was aglow. I prefer photographing neon at dusk, when there is still ambient light and the sky is a perfect indigo, but you have to take what you can get!

Moon-Lite Motel - Versailles, Indiana

Interestingly, last week, we stopped by here as well. We were visiting several apple orchards in Indiana and felt that we wanted to spend the night out, even though we had no luggage and were less than two hours from home! In fact, we were almost back in Indianapolis, when we decided to turn around and head down to spend the night. Of course, Article 7.4.1 of Murphy’s Law clearly stated that the sign would be reading “NO VACANCY.”

This time, we were strictly passing through on the way home (and of course, Article 7.4.2 of Murphy’s Law dictated that this time, the sign read “VACANCY”). We stopped in to speak with the owner, and she gave us a short tour and history of the property.

We continued home and always looking ahead for cool neon (or other retro) signs, I saw some neon glowing down the road. Signaling Pat to slow, down, we saw the Damm Theatre, in Osgood, Indiana. The alternating blinking lights on the bottom were not on, but the neon was. I stepped out of the car with my camera in hand, and as I adjusted my settings, the blinking lights came on, as if on cue!

Damm Theatre - Osgood, Indiana

We then made the rest of the trip back to Indianapolis. For more photos from Madison, Indiana (taken on various dates), visit my Flickr site: Madison, Indiana

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