April 11, 2010: Indiana Road Trip

Since it was a gorgeous day, we decided to hit the road today and scout out some more nice campground sites at Indiana State Parks and Recreation Areas.

First, we headed down to Spring Mill State Park, where we already have a campsite booked for a gathering of teardrop trailer owners next month. Pat has already gotten together with them once, at their winter camping trip in January called “Shiveree.” It wasn’t too cold that weekend, it was in the 40’s, but for me, it was enough to keep me home! Brrrr!

We scoped out the site we had booked, and several others that looked nice. As we visit campgrounds, I am bringing along my DeLorme PN-40 GPS and marking down waypoints for nice campsites. I’m transferring them all to my DeLorme XMap software and keeping a file handy.

After checking out the campground, we wanted to find out about the Pioneer Village. We meandered our way there and found it was similar to Conner Prairie, they had old buildings with displays for various purposes, like a tavern, pottery shop, mill, etc. They even had people in period costumes explaining how things were done back in the old days. Very nice, and wasn’t expecting that!

We then headed over to Starve Hollow State Recreation Area and Jackson-Washington State Forest. Starve Hollow is really nice and we can’t wait to stay there. They have a small lake with tons of pine trees, and roomy campsites right by the lakeshore. Just like Minnesota, only an hour and a half from Indy!  On the way to Jackson-Washington State Forest, there was a nice scenic drive with a vista overlooking some farmland. Pretty and serene!

Jackson-Washington State Forest was nice, but it was confusing which sites were campsites and which were picnic sites. We assumes that those with a gravel pad and a post with clip for your camping tag were the campsites, but every so often there were “picnic only” signs. I’m pretty sure a map of the site and grounds would clarify our confusion, so I’ll have to check that out online. The park was nice, but it wasn’t anything remarkable that I felt particularly compelled to stay here, as I did with Starve Hollow.

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