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Well, we’re movin’ on up!!


As indicated in my previous blog post, we are selling our Serro Scotty HiLander travel trailer. We are having growing pains (or at least, the beginning of them), and it’s a good time for us to move on up…to a bigger travel trailer!

We started out with our first travel trailer being a small T@B, which was good for a couple, but yet we actually quickly outgrew that, even without additional family!

Camping at Little Farm on the River - Rising Sun, Indiana

Just switching the bed back and forth to a dinette, orchestrating who would get dressed first, leave the trailer, so the other person could make the bed back into a dinette and get dressed…

T@B Mini-rally at Summit Lake State Park - Indiana

And not to mention: no bathroom! But we made “do”…

Our "outhouse" with Thetford Porta-Potti

After buying the T@B in September 2009 and camping throughout the fall and winter into 2010, we realized that while we loved camping and the T@B, it was too small to be comfortable (yeah, I know it’s not roughing it compared to tent camping, but in the RVing spectrum, it is!).

After researching options that would suit us (roomy, with a separate bed and dinette, bath/shower, etc.), we settled upon the 2010 Serro Scotty HiLander, which fit all the criteria we wanted and was retro and very unique! It was (and still is) a great little trailer, but there is a certain irony about buying a small camper and within a few weeks discovering that there will be a grandchild coming (our first!). We knew the Scotty would have some room for him or her because of the two dinettes, both converting into beds, so no matter.

Indian Lakes - Batesville, Indiana

Serro Scotty - Camping at Mounds State Park, Anderson, Indiana

Our Scotty's new custom Route 66 shades

Sure enough, a year later, in June 2011, we took our 4-month old grandson on his first camping trip. Being a happy baby, he loved everything…so of course, we didn’t know whether he’d grow to love camping. We hoped he would, and his enthusiasm for our little Scotty grew as we continued to take him camping (or even sleeping in it at home too – come on, RVers…we know you do too…). As he became mobile throughout 2012 and started getting into everything, we decided to hold off camping with him for a while. Obviously, kids don’t always “settle down” for a while, but he was at an in between time where it was hard to keep him from getting into everything, so he was relegated to driveway camping (subsequently referred to as garage camping when we built a garage suited to house the Scotty).

Fast forward to 2015. Much better weather than 2014 – so far, not as much snow or subzero temps afforded us the ability to get the Scotty out a couple of times. Still a bit chilly to take a young child (he’s almost 4 now), so it was just Pat and me. And as we found out last summer, we are expecting grandson number 2 in March! So our thoughts this trip revolved around envisioning us and two little guys in the trailer. Pat and I were feeling a bit crowded ourselves…not to mention adding my grandson (this is going to be the year he finally gets to resume camping with us!). But now, to add a baby to the tiny trailer too? I just couldn’t imagine how we were all going to fit, plus our stuff…and we don’t even bring that much! But kids and babies just necessitate so much stuff of their own.

As an aside, since becoming RVers, we have also thought much more about our future retirement plans, and whether we would spend them fulltiming or part time/snowbirding / extended traveling. Either way, we want the flexibility to see more of the country than we can now and some sort of RV will be a part of that experience. Most of our visits to RV shows involve looking for the rig of the future, and ironically, we just made several visits to the January RV show looking mainly at rigs for that purpose.

On the way home, I had the idea of updating to a larger travel trailer now…not as large as the one we’d think about in the future, but large enough to comfortably accommodate us, the grandsons, and even my daughter if she’d like to join us. Too bad, we hadn’t looked at too many in that size range at the shows. I didn’t say anything to Pat about it, and then he suddenly posed the very question to me! I laughed and told him I was thinking the same thing!

As we talked about it, we knew that because we’re debt free, and in a fairly frugal mode, we’d not spend alot of money or incur too much debt. Debt makes me really bristle!! So we needed something fairly inexpensive and even more so, that we would sell our Serro Scotty HiLander. We absolutely adore that trailer (and I’m sure many RVers know this feeling of attachment well). We had it customized to suit our imagination, and even built a garage with dimensions that allowed it to fit inside, protected from the elements. But to justify the upsize, I need to sell it to reduce the new loan, and to minimize maintenance, insurance, etc. Just can’t see having two trailers. So here’s hoping that there’s a buyer out there to LOVE our Scotty as much as we do.

So on to the new trailer. We really struggled with the idea of a generic box, but when it comes down to it, it’s going to be the memories and experiences – the family time together – that are most important. We still love the cool factor of our Scotty and always will, but we need to move up and be comfortable. We looked at many brands, dealers, styles, etc. and found a layout that we liked and will work for us.

As to brand, the Shasta is an iconic brand, though the trailer itself is modern in style and design, as well as standard RV materials. We settled upon the Shasta Oasis 25BH model, which we ordered from Mt. Comfort RV – great working with them and negotiating on a good price.

2015 Shasta Oasis 25BH

2015 Shasta Oasis 25BH

2015 Shasta Oasis 25BH

Shasta 25BH Floorplan

2015 Shasta Oasis 25BH

This is the same interior fabric, countertop and floor materials as we selected. The only differences from this model and the one we ordered, are that we added the following options: a full top bunk, instead of the single; oven, exterior shower, and aluminum wheels. 2015 Shasta Oasis 25BH
2015 Shasta Oasis 25BH

2015 Shasta Oasis 25BH

Our new Shasta Oasis should arrive in late March or early April, so for now we’re not camping (yeah, we do camp in winter and enjoy it!). And the irony is that the weather this winter isn’t as bad as last year’s Polar Vortex and constant snow, which scarcely enabled us to camp.

Change can be tough in some ways, but great in others. We’re sad to see the Scotty go, but know its new owners will enjoy her very much. We’ll enjoy fun times with our grandsons in the Shasta Oasis…and it’s always best to enjoy life, no matter what!

Pat & Jennifer


August 20-22, 2010: Starve Hollow State Recreation Area, Vallonia, Indiana


Some photos from the rally we had at Starve Hollow State Recreation Area in Vallonia, Indiana. We had 9 T@Bs, 1 Serro Scotty, and even picked up a couple who were just there on their own in an old U-Haul travel trailer.

Slideshow of Jennifer’s Photos

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Slideshow of Pat’s Photos

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June 26-27, 2010: Thousand Trails, Batesville, Indiana


Our Serro Scotty HiLander’s maiden voyage!

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April 2010: Ouabache State Park


Fellow T@B owners Alan and Carie, Tom and Ella and Pat and myself decided to get together for another fun weekend of camping. With our busy schedules at work, Pat and I could only camp on the weekend.

It was rainy on the way up, cleared up when we arrived, and then another storm came, but it was mercifully brief! All in all it was a nice weekend and Ouabache is a very nice state park. Pat and I scoped out some sites we’d like to stay in sometime so I am sure we’ll be back!

I didn’t take too many photos this weekend, but here a few shots of a small buffalo herd they have at the park:

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March 28, 2010: Sunday Drive


Even though it was a gloomy, rainy day, we decided to do a little recon regarding state park campgrounds and sites we might like to stay in someday. We were particularly interested in Ouabache State Park, since would be staying with a couple of other Tabbers the following weekend and wanted to see which areas would be good for us.

We also checked out a T@B trailer, clamshell model, that friends had an interest in. The T@B clamshell is more similar to a traditional teardrop in the sense that it does not have a kitchen inside; it has a hatch in back that opens to an exterior galley kitchen. We were originally interested in a traditional teardrop, but when we saw the T@B during the Missouri Route 66 Motor Tour last year, we fell in love with it and decided that a taller space to stand in, and interior kitchen would suit us better. Indeed, we have been camping in late fall and early spring, when the days are warm, but nights are cold…I am not inclined to cook breakfast outside when it’s 28 degrees! Or 35…or 45…but if it’s 50 and up with no wind, we’ll talk!

However, in warmer weather, the clamshell (like a traditional teardrop) would be nice to cook outside and it would be awesome for tailgaters!

Here is the kitchen from a fellow T@B owner’s Flickr set:

Here is the Clamshell for sale at Sullivan RV in Decatur, Indiana:

2009 T@B Clamshell

To my surprise and delight, there was a 1984 Winnebago Chieftain for sale there as well. This was the model of RV that was used in the movie “Lost in America,” about a couple who decided to liquidate all of their assets, buy a motorhome, drop out of society, and travel the country. Until their plan goes awry in a BIG way. No more spoilers….but the dialogue is hilarious and the premise is a riot!

The Winnebago in the movie was 30′, this one was 26′ and a different floorplan, but being the same model, it does look similar:

1984 Winnebago Chieftain

We decided while we were in Decatur and hungry, to have lunch at Arnold’s Drive-in. Very cool place, neat atmosphere and good food!

Arnold's Drive-in, Decatur, Indiana

After exploring Ouabache State Park, we also looked at the Lost Bridge State Recreation Area on Salamonie Reservoir. The reservoir level was very low, but when they raise the water levels, I am sure that many of the campsites right along the edge of the reservoir will be very nice!

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March 19-21, 2010: T@B / T@DA Mini-Rally at Caesar Creek State Park, Waynesville, Ohio


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Weighing options…


Those of you who follow the blog know that we’re new RVers since September and are already looking to upgrade to something with a few more amenities than our T@B. We’ve been back & forth for over a month trying to decide what we want our next trailer to be. We were pretty sure we narrowed it down to the Serro Scotty HiLander, and even made a trip to western Pennsylvania to talk with the owner of the company.

However, the Indy RV Show has been in town the past week and on our second trip to it this past Friday night, we ran into a nicely priced and bigger alternative: The CrossRoads Zinger.

The Zinger is a nice entry-level travel trailer, built by CrossRoads RV near the RV manufacturing hub of Elkhart, Indiana. This is a very nicely built model, with ample room and other goodies. Compared to the Scotty, it’s surely a typical looking “box” trailer.

So this leads us to our current weighing of pros & cons. The Scotty has the cool retro 60’s look, but is smaller. The Zinger is a box on wheels, but has more room for a similar price as the Scotty.  The Scotty could fit in a garage, but the Zinger couldn’t. The Scotty weighs 2500 lbs and the Zinger weighs about 4000lbs. The heavier load would likely require me to have my 200,000-plus mile transmission rebuilt. The Scotty checks in at 15’9″ from tongue to tail and the Zinger measures about 23′.

So these are some of the variables we need to think about before making a decision. And of course, we won’t have to make a decision until we sell our T@B. So, what are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below!

2010 T@B Trailer For Sale!


 **UPDATED  4/23/2010** Our T@B has been sold! Thanks for your  inquiries!

For the three of you who follow my blog, my apologies for turning this into a classified ad! Just looking to get a little more internet exposure for our T@B we have had for sale.

For those of you who found this site because you’re looking to buy a T@B, thanks for finding us! Feel free to contact us at Our T@B has been sold, but if you would like a brand new T@B,  try Little Guy Trailers, who has resumed production of these cool trailers!

2010 TAB TQ Travel Trailer with loads of options and extras! **Excellent condition, must see!!** Selling SOLD at $1,000’s below MSRP

With some regret, we SOLD  are selling our 2010 T@B TQ travel trailer. We loved it and have had fun camping in it since October. But as we thought hard about the types of travel we would like to do and the places we want to stay (basically going off the grid and boondocking/dry camping), we feel that we’d really be happier and more comfortable with slightly upgraded model with toilet and shower.

But if you’re looking at this, you probably already know that the T@B has no bath or shower and don’t have a problem with it! As stated, our model is was a TQ, which is the U-shaped dinette that converts to a queen-sized bed, and has the roomy L-shaped kitchenette. Here are more details from T@B’s website about the TQ model, including its standard features, options, stock photos, virtual tour, etc. Their site is more informative for general information than I could be: Here’s information regarding the TAB generally, including its history, construction, etc.:

As far as our the particular model we used to own, it comes came with the following options:

* Red Alufiber skin with white trim

* Stonehenge pattern for the fabric seats

* Spacesaver 9″ HD TV / DVD / radio combo with exterior antenna

* Norcold ® Compressor refrigerator – 12Volt only (Runs on 110v A/c power thru standard power converter) (note: this refrigerator option allows for the TQ to have the front window, a nice feature that allows more light)

* LP furnace

* Cool Cat ® air conditioner with heat pump

* Northern Breeze ® power roof vent

* Thermarest Archwing Awning (the newer, easier to assemble type) ($400)

* Thetford Porta-potti ($100)

We also have purchased the following items; some are essential, others are just nice to have. We won’t need them with a future model the ultra-cool retro style Serro Scotty HiLander we‘ll purchased, so we are including  included them with the TAB:

* A shower tent for housing the Porta-potti (serves as an “outhouse”)

* Stromberg Carlson Steel Platform Step (Model S-100)

* A blue 5-gallon jug and hose for gray water collection

* Teardrop trailer party lights (look just like the TAB)

* Two mini TAB toys made by Siku – one is stock (silver with yellow trim), the other we painted to look like ours, red and white

We have tons of photos of the TAB available for you to see, here at our sites on Flickr. Check out the photos carefully, as almost everything listed here as being included is shown in our various photos (but not everything in the photos is included, only what we have listed here!).


For all of the above, including more expensive options, like the AC/heat pump, furnace, awning, and storage cover, we are asking asked $13,000, many thousands below MSRP. As we have only had the TAB a few months and have babied it alot during that time, it is in great shape and everything works perfectly. It was manufactured in July 2009. We are no longer accepting inquiries, as it SOLD LAST YEAR.  are more than happy to answer any questions you have or provide more photos. Feel free to contact us at:

Please note, the T@B is was located in Indiana, for those of you considering it.  It now has a new happy home with the wonderful couple that bought it last year! Thanks!

**UPDATED  4/23/2010** Our T@B has been sold! Thanks for your inquiries!

Time to upgrade…


If you would have told me three months ago I’d be the owner of a travel trailer in early December, I likely would’ve looked at you, tilted my head, and would’ve said “Huh?” Well, it is true, and I’m quite happy I own one, a 2010 T@B TQ.

We bought this little guy in September after a series of events transpired on a Route 66 motor tour we were on in Missouri. We have no regrets after purchasing our T@B. We’ve had 5 camp outs in it, met some great new T@B friends, and have even spent numerous nights “driveway” camping. We’re hooked and there’s no turning back!

After camping out a few times, we realize whatever our next trailer would be, we want something with a shower/potty combo. We found a few small trailers on the market and like the longevity of the Casita.  But there was one issue I had with the Casita that I’ve been having trouble getting over. My apologies to Casita and its owners, but this thing to me is just ugly!

After having the cool looks of the T@B, it would be hard for me to own this. Make no mistake, I have the utmost respect for the Casita and their longevity. But the T@B just has that “Wow” factor. I would have settled to have one if that’s all there was in our price range, but fortunately something else came along that met all our requirements. It has the shower/potty combo, it has retro styling, and it’s got the “Wow” factor. It is the Serro Scotty HiLander.

Serro Scotty was a company that began producing small “canned ham” trailers in the late 1950’s. After a fire at their Pennsylvania plant in 1997, they got out of the RV business and focused on, ironically, building mobile fire safety houses and are now known as Mobile Concepts by Scotty. In 2006, an RV dealer in Pennsylvania, Bill Kerola, purchased the rights to the Serro Scotty name and began having a few of the more popular Scottys from the 1960’s reproduced, retaining much of the original look, but with 21st century technology.

We took a trip to Collinsville, Illinois to an RV dealer there who sells the new Scottys. We were very impressed with a number of things with the HiLander he had for sale. It appeared to be constructed quite well, the oak cabinets were put together well, it had a nice amount of usable floor space, it had a nice amount of head room compared to our T@B, the shower/potty combo looked ample, and oh yeah, it had that “Wow” factor!

We’ve learned the new Scottys are being produced by Sierra Motor Corporation in Bristol, Indiana that makes living quarters for horse trailers. Jennifer talked to Tom at Serro Scotty Worldwide, the general manager, and he did a fine job answering all the questions & concerns.

So…it looks like we’re going to make the commitment to get a HiLander for our camping adventures. Ahh, but one issue first: We have to sell the T@B. We’ve begun the process with an ad on Craigslist. We’re not too worried if it doesn’t sell right away, as we don’t feel there’s a big rush. But, we’re really getting excited about one day getting the HiLander. And we’re pretty sure we’ll hang on to that one longer than 3 months.  :-)

October & November 2009: More camping!


Wow…what an autumn this has been! As the official start of winter bears down upon us (but with weather that is saying winter is here NOW), I decided to relate our continued camping adventures in our new T@B trailer.

We had so much fun during our first trip at Summit Lake State Park, with other TABbers (despite the very chilly weekend), we immediately decided that if the weather was nice the following weekend, we would again go camping. Well, we did; again…and again…and again…and again! We managed to squeeze in 5 camping weekends since October 16th, only missing Halloween weekend (we were warned that camping the weekend closest to Halloween is not advisable for “normal” people as the loonies come out in full force, no offense to any loonies reading this). I also had an unexpected minor but urgent medical condition necessitating surgery, which kept me homebound for two extremely unseasonal and VERY gorgeous weekends. Needless to say, during that time I was a very unhappy (not) camper. I’m not sure how many times I grumbled and whined about my situation…kudos to Pat for his patience. Love you!

But for the five weekends we did camp, they were also gorgeous and we were blessed to have that weather for so long (the two notwithstanding). Here’s a short synopsis of the highlights of each weekend, and some photos from each.

October 23-25, 2009: Versailles State Park, Versailles, Indiana

We only had plans for the previous weekend, to join the other TAB owners at Summit Lake. Having no prior camping experience whatsoever, we faced the daunting task (well, daunting to us) of finding a place to camp. Private, public, electric, water, distance to bathhouse, level or sloped pad, gravel or asphalt pad, pull-through or back in…all decisions we noobs needed to face. Then, there’s availability! Far less of an issue than at peak season, but with the nice weather, it was a consideration.

After speaking to two coworkers who would be at Versailles State Park that weekend, we decided to try that. We found available sites in the same campground and made our reservation. The Indiana State Parks reservation system requires a two-night minium stay, so we decided to leave a little early Friday and stay through Sunday.

When we arrived, we decided to unhitch and push the TAB into the site, so as to avoid the typical “everybody in the campground staring at you to see if you can back your rig” ritual. Take that, kids! Yes, the TAB is so lightweight and with the four corner handles and jockey wheel, two people (even one!!), can easily maneuver the TAB into a camping spot. The plastic jockey wheel we have makes grass or gravel a little more challenging, but fellow TAB owner Alan has kindly counseled us that replacing the hard plastic wheel with a pneumatic one will help with that.

Once we dropped the stabilizers and got generally situated, we ventured to one of the park’s shelters, where my coworkers and their friends were gathered for their annual chili cookoff, to which they invited us. With an array of fine chili to select, I chose one of my new found enjoyable regional delights, 3-way Cincinnati chili with spaghetti, cheese and onions. Yummm. After a while of conversation, we headed back to our campsite, and soon enough, time to get some shuteye.

The next day my workers brought by some of their family and friends to see the TAB…how many of them said how suprisingly roomy inside it really is. A recurrent theme with the TAB, as we’re learning. After they left, Pat and I decided to head out for a while. We took a ride to nearby Madison, Indiana, home to the wonderful Madison Fudge Factory and, as readers of my site may know (not that I have many regular readers LOL), that Madison was also the primary filming location for the 1950’s movie “Some Came Running,” starring two of my favorite performers, the great Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. After procuring some decadent fudge and checking out the local municipal campground by the Ohio River, we headed back to Versailles SP.

I used our new Safari Chef grill to make some chicken fried rice (probably a joke compared to the real thing, but it tasted good to me!).

On Sunday, we had breakfast, then I got some veggie chili going for lunch (using the exceptional Bob Waldmire Route 66 Cozy Chili seasoning). We went for a walk along one of the trails and by the time we came back, lunch was all ready. After filling ourselves with chili, we packed up and headed for home…until next time!

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November 14-15, 2009: Little Farm on the River, Rising Sun, Indiana

Starting to feel better, recovering from unwelcome, unexpected surgery, I felt well enough to go camping. After all, it’s not exactly a rough-amd-tumble experience, like hiking 3 miles into the wilderness with 100 lbs of camping equipment strapped to your back and having to set up and breakdown camp, forage for food, etc.  LOL  Just throw some food in the fridge, some games, books, whatever…and go. Simple!

This weekend’s quest for a campground led us to a private campground. Now that we are into November, we are VERY off-season. Many seasonal campgrounds are now closed, or else have no facilities available. So, we found a private campground that is open all year, and has bathroom facilities available. We do have a porta-potty with the TAB, but haven’t used it yet. Little Farm on the River is in Rising Sun, Indiana, right along the Ohio River. That is one part of the campground is, the other portion is about 1/2 mile back from the river.  The person Pat spoke with said there would be no problems with availability now, and we needn’t worry about checkin or checkout times.

We took a nice, winding route down to Rising Sun and checked in. They have a nice camp store available, though at this time of year, their supplies are understandably low. We took advantage of their 50% discount on food to pick up a couple of candy bars! They said to pick any spot in any area we like, that there are none reserved now. The camping area away from the river where the camp store/office was seemed fairly well attended, actually. We ventured down to the riverside camping section, which was far less crowded…a few big rigs, motor home, fifth wheel and a larger trailer, but not much. We found a nice spot down by the river and again, set up the TAB with relative ease…had to use a little strength, as the pad was gravel, but Pat took most of the effort, due to my post-surgical condition.

Once we got set up, Pat built a campfire and we had dinner. Wow…dark by 6:00!! We laughed, thinking how it felt later than it was, but yet it was only 6. But between making dinner, sitting and talking by the campfire, before you know it it was 9-ish and we retreated to the TAB.

Breakfast the next morning, another campfire…warm day! We went up to the camp store to check out the merchandise they had. T-shirts, hats, etc. I bought a T-shirt and Pat bought a hat. We also spotted a small trailer parked in the campground called an iCamp. The iCamp is very similar to the TAB in many respects, but yet in other respects, very different. From what I understand (and this is only from what I readon on the Internet , so obviously, I would not say this is fact!), the iCamp is a Chinese variation of the TAB. It is evidently made with American-made parts that are shipped to China and assembled there. The final product is then shipped to the United States. I guess the Chinese labor is so inexpensive that it nullifies the shipping costs, making this an affordable trailer that the company can still generate a profit?  LOL

The exterior is similar to a TAB as far as its general look of the skin and trim. Shape is different, since the TAB has a teardrop shape and the iCamp is rounded in front and has a straight back. Not sure of the construction material, but the iCamp does have a shower and toilet. We walked over and met the owners, a couple from the area who were camping with their son (who was in his large motorhome). They just bought the iCamp that week and picked it up from Florida…and they had the first ever production model number 1! Hopefully all the kinks had been worked out prior to their purchase.  LOL  They came down to the riverside camping area to take a look at our TAB and we chatted a while.

Pat and I then had lunch, packed up and headed for home. Until next time!!

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November 21-22, 2009: Lieber State Recreation Area

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November 28-29, 2009: Caesar Creek State Park, Waynesville, Ohio

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