Camping Trips Taken

The first map displays all the campgrounds we have stayed, and most of them have a photo displayed of our campsite. Each individual camping trip we have made is shown here, so if we have stayed at a campground more than once (even in the same campsite), it will be listed multiple times.

To see a listing of all of the campgrounds, see map below.

Click on any of the markers for more information on our visit and to see a photo. You can also view photos on the “Trip Details” page, click the Media Gallery to the right side. You can even change the map type from a street map to aerial (to view campground detail) in the upper right hand side of the map).

For more photos and narratives from our camping trips, click here for all of our blog posts categorized as RV/camping (there may be a couple of random non-trip RV posts mixed in).

Campground Recon

This map displays various campgrounds where we have done recon and would like to stay. We placed waypoint markers on sites we preferred, along with site numbers.

Happy camping!

Pat & Jennifer

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