Tri-State Route 66 Festival — The Prelude

Here it is Wednesday morning and we’re getting ready to head off for five (hopefully) peaceful days on the road. Our day will start off with a drive out to Springfield, Illinois where we’ll have lunch at the Cozy Dog Drive In, well known as the restaurant where the corn dog was invented 50-some years ago. From there, we pick up that grand old two-lane highway, Route 66 and take it south into St. Louis, where chances are we’ll be diving into a concrete from Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, another Route 66 icon dating back to 1941. After that, we meander our way through the Ozarks of Missouri before picking a spot for the night.

Thursday we’ll finish our drive along 66 in Missouri and head into Joplin where we’ll bunk up Thursday & Friday nights. The Tri State Route 66 Festival is our destination, just over the Missouri/Oklahoma border, at the Downstream Casino. Friday we’ll be cruising throughout central Oklahoma. As some of you know, we’re big into photographing old movie scene locations and there are a couple of towns where “Rain Man” was filmed that we’re going to hit. We also plan on hunting down an old plant that used to build Serro Scotty trailers back in the 1960’s, since we’re (almost) new owners of a 21st century model.

Looking forward to hooking up with some of our old Route 66 friends we’ve met throughout the years this weekend. Feel free to follow along with us here on the blog, as I hope to have daily updates and photos of our trip as internet connectivity allows.

Off we go!

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2 Responses to Tri-State Route 66 Festival — The Prelude

  1. RoadDog says:

    Here’s hoping you have agood time out there. we were considering going, but for the longest time it didn’t look like enough planning had gone into it.

    Next week I will be going to the Lincoln Highway Conference in Dixon, Illinois.

    • L. Fleming says:

      Hello from the Canadian Route 66 Contingent: Thanks (Pat) for keeping our eyes on the road during the Festival. I regret not being there in person, however, I am enjoying your “trip tick” as it brings back memories of our past experiences along the Mother Road. Also, thanks to ‘RoadDog’ for posting comments, as I too am “Thinking Traveling The Lincoln” in a few years, starting from Vancouver, BC to San Francisco – New York; then head west on The Mother Road from St. Louis, following Bobby Troup’s past time. Meanwhile, enjoy all our international “roads less traveled”.
      One for the Road, Lorrie – Founder – Canadian Route 66 Association – 70 Mile House, BC CANADA…

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