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Photography has been a favorite hobby of mine since I was in high school. My parents bought me a Nikon EM50 and I took photography lessons in school, through the photography club. I enjoyed photography so much that even though I was just a teenager, I took adult ed photograph classes at our local community college. My parents bought me the Time Life Photography book series- even though I have gone digital with books, I would still love to have that set of books.

For a listing of my past and current cameras (and other tech gadgets and software), click this link “Road Trip Tech & Gadget Arsenal.”

While many of my photos are on this site, I use Flickr to display all of my photos. Below is a listing of the various collections of my photos on Flickr.

I’m VERY new to videography, but have some up on my YouTube Channel.


See the USA!

1, 2, 3…Road Trip (and Camping Trips)!

  • Click here for a collection of photos from our road and camping trips! For the narratives on our trips, drop down the list above entitled “Posts” select “Road Trips” for all road trips or “Camping/RV” for camping trips.


  • Click here for a collection of my photos representing pure Americana at its best – neon signs, diners, cafes, classic cars, etc.: Americana

Are we there yet? Destinations

  • Click here for a collection of my photos from various destinations, including, but not limited to, New York City, Chicago, Indianapolis, and many more: Are we there yet? Destinations


  • Click here for a collection of photos relating to recreational vehicles: RVs

Events & Entertainment


Movie Filming Locations

  • Click here for side-by-side presentation of my movie filming locations “then and now”

Miscellaneous Events

Sports Events

Random Subjects & Places

  • Click here for a collection of my other photos of random subjects & places not displayed elsewhere: Random Subjects & Places

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