Michael Wallis Booksigning at Hit the Road Travel Store

On June 21, 2001, I had the pleasure of attending a reading and booksigning by Michael Wallis of the updated version of his wonderful book, Route 66: The Mother Road. The updated version was done for the 75th Anniversary of Route 66 (and the entire U.S. Highway System, for that matter).

The booksigning was held at a very cool travel store called Hit the Road. Unfortunately, it closed several years ago. I shopped there alot to try to support the efforts of the two owners, Annice Tatken and Maureen Geoghegan.

I had the pleasure of meeting again (or for the first time) many roadies whom I would see often over the years: Johnny Miller, Lulu, and Bob Harmon.

I was completely blown away by the power of his speaking in person. I had, of course, seen his video many times over the years, and which was the inspiration for my own Route 66 journey. It was a pleasure meeting Michael and Suzanne for the first time.

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