Time to come out of hibernation!

Road Trip Memories isn’t dead, we’ve just been hibernating! It’s been such a harsh winter, we haven’t really had an opportunity to take any road trips or camping trips (we do like to camp and hike in the winter too)!

We hope to get out and about this year. We’ve selected got our annual vacation destination – we’re heading west to South Dakota, which I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. After Dances with Wolves came out, I really wanted to visit the Badlands, and had a trip planned and booked. Unfortunately, the Great Flood of 1993 put the kibosh on that trip. So this year, it’s time to finally head west! We’re planning on including some Lincoln Highway into the trip as well.

I’d also like to add a few movie filming locations to the site. I’ve been researching locations for a good number of my favorite movies over the past few years. This year, I’d like to add “My Cousin Vinny”, so stay tuned for that. Since a lot of that movie was filmed in Georgia, we’ll be close to Juliette, which served as the Whistle Stop Cafe in Fried Green Tomatoes, which I’ve done a blog post on, here. But it’s always great to stop by there because they have excellent fried green tomatoes, naturally!

As time and finances permit, hopefully we’ll mix in more road and camping trips!

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