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We got an early start today (good thing, it turns out). We started out on all local roads, following US 36 from the east side of Indianapolis. I have the iOS app “Roadside Attractions” from the people at the cool website Roadside America, as well as an add on to our Garmin Nuvi. These apps feature the offbeat roadside attractions from their site. I knew it would be fun to start adding visiting some of these places to our travels. I immediately had a few attractions I wanted to take photos of that I saw on the app. The first was this giant cow:

Big Cow - US 36, Indianapolis, Indiana

This bovine was closely followed by a plastered pink pachyderm:

Martini drinking pink elephant - US 36, Fortville, Indiana

We continued on US 36 east and in Greenville, Ohio was a tribute to the 1800’s sharpshooter, Annie Oakley, whose life was the basis for the musical, Annie Get Your Gun:

Annie Oakley Statue - Greenville, Ohio

Annie Oakley Statue - Greenville, Ohio

Afterward, we happened upon a store called the KitchenAid Experience, which also featured a museum dedicated to the history of KitchenAid products, most notably, the stand mixer.

KitchenAid Experience - Greenville, Ohio

We also opted to pick up a refurbished blender, since the motor on my cheapie blender has started to sound not so good.

The next item on the Roadside America app was the Maid-Rite drive-in and its legendary “gum wall, ” which is almost as famous at their loose meat sandwiches. We opted for a couple of sandwiches and drinks to go as it was fairly crowded inside. The sandwiches feature ground beef, but not in the form of patties, it’s loose ground beef. A bit sloppy but very good! We’ve been to two Maid Rites before, in Missouri and Minnesota and enjoyed them.

Maid Rite Drive-in, Greenville, Ohio

After lunch, the next roadside location was the graves of Annie Oakley and her husband, Frank Butler:
Annie Oakley & Frank Butler's Graves - Brock, Ohio

Due to a nail in our tire, which was unfortunately in an area that couldn’t be repaired, we decided to go off our planned route in order to get to a Firestone to get it replaced. Several detours later, we made it to Napoleon for another roadside attraction:
Giant Campbell's Tomato Soup Can - Napoleon, Ohio

And a Campbell’s water tower:

Giant Campbell's Soup Water Towerb- Napoleon, Ohio

It was getting late, so we needed to unfortunately get going along the faster route, so we took US 24 to I-75. We finally made it to Michigan!

Pure Michigan

We stopped off for dinner at Monroe’s Original and got a coney dog and root beer.

Monroe's Original Hot Dogs & Root Beer

We had to take the superslab up to Detroit, and get to our hotel. Until tomorrow!

Pat & Jennifer

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