March 28, 2010: Sunday Drive

Even though it was a gloomy, rainy day, we decided to do a little recon regarding state park campgrounds and sites we might like to stay in someday. We were particularly interested in Ouabache State Park, since would be staying with a couple of other Tabbers the following weekend and wanted to see which areas would be good for us.

We also checked out a T@B trailer, clamshell model, that friends had an interest in. The T@B clamshell is more similar to a traditional teardrop in the sense that it does not have a kitchen inside; it has a hatch in back that opens to an exterior galley kitchen. We were originally interested in a traditional teardrop, but when we saw the T@B during the Missouri Route 66 Motor Tour last year, we fell in love with it and decided that a taller space to stand in, and interior kitchen would suit us better. Indeed, we have been camping in late fall and early spring, when the days are warm, but nights are cold…I am not inclined to cook breakfast outside when it’s 28 degrees! Or 35…or 45…but if it’s 50 and up with no wind, we’ll talk!

However, in warmer weather, the clamshell (like a traditional teardrop) would be nice to cook outside and it would be awesome for tailgaters!

Here is the kitchen from a fellow T@B owner’s Flickr set:

Here is the Clamshell for sale at Sullivan RV in Decatur, Indiana:

2009 T@B Clamshell

To my surprise and delight, there was a 1984 Winnebago Chieftain for sale there as well. This was the model of RV that was used in the movie “Lost in America,” about a couple who decided to liquidate all of their assets, buy a motorhome, drop out of society, and travel the country. Until their plan goes awry in a BIG way. No more spoilers….but the dialogue is hilarious and the premise is a riot!

The Winnebago in the movie was 30′, this one was 26′ and a different floorplan, but being the same model, it does look similar:

1984 Winnebago Chieftain

We decided while we were in Decatur and hungry, to have lunch at Arnold’s Drive-in. Very cool place, neat atmosphere and good food!

Arnold's Drive-in, Decatur, Indiana

After exploring Ouabache State Park, we also looked at the Lost Bridge State Recreation Area on Salamonie Reservoir. The reservoir level was very low, but when they raise the water levels, I am sure that many of the campsites right along the edge of the reservoir will be very nice!

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  1. teardrop rv says:

    Hi guy. I wanna have a little kitchen in back of my rv like him. Where I can do its with valuable price(How about the price).

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