Christmas on Route 66 — Greetings from Stroud, Oklahoma!

What a morning! Here in Stroud, Oklahoma, about 50 miles southwest of Tulsa, we’ve had a heck of a storm roll through here. It was 65 degrees this morning before the storm rolled through, and just 40 miles west of us it was 42. Tornado watches, thunder, lightning…we had it all! Right now it’s just raining here in Stroud at the the Skyliner Motel.

Had a nice drive on Friday from Amarillo. The National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, Oklahoma should be a must-stop for anyone traveling out this way. Passed Oklahoma City, we stopped by Jim Ross’ Arcadia pad for a couple of hours. He suggested we stop by a place up the road in Luther called “The Boundary on Route 66”, a newer BBQ joint on the route. Glad he did! The spare ribs there were fantastic…

and the owners, Donnie & Buffy Samara made you feel right at home.

I”ve tried a lot of BBQ in Oklahoma over the years and I have to say The Boundary is worth making a 700 mile trip for. Then again, I’ll take 200 mile trip for a corndog, so what’s that tell you? The Boundary on Route 66 is located at 16001 E. Hwy 66 in Luther, Oklahoma. If you find yourself out this way, make it a point to stop by for lunch or dinner. You won’t regret it!

We’re getting ready to shove out of Stroud, as the storms have blown through and the rain has diminished. I’ll have updates tonight or tomorrow on today’s journey. Until then…stay dry!

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