June 18, 2002: Our Honeymoon on Route 66 (Day 5)

Tucumcari, New Mexico to Gallup, New Mexico

Route 66 - Cuervo, New MexicoTuesday, we stopped by Tee Pee Curios near the Blue Swallow. We got directions from Mike Callens to the cemetery where Lillian Redman is buried so we could pay our respects. We then hit the road west & had the thrill of the day. We decided to tackle the Cuervo Cutoff. Relying on Jim & Jerry’s “Bones” map, we made our way southwest on this gem of highway history. We made it about 2.5 miles before the we encountered a section the was impassable for a ’93 Caprice. We then took 66 through NM, and just as we were getting ready to park the car to get a pic of an old gas station in Newkirk, a 3-pack of dogs came after the car with some serious intent. So we shot the pics from inside the car, and eventually outran the pooches as we left their “turf”. From there we went through Santa Rosa where we saw Bob Waldmire’s VW parked at the Denny’s. We got into Albuquerque by mid-afternoon where we had a great lunch at the 66 Diner. We then made our way west through some beautiful sections of 66, finally making it to Gallup around 8:30.

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