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Running to Madison


We had a nice Saturday afternoon trip down to Madison, Indiana for some fudge and burgers. Due to some time constraints, we had to jump on the interstate heading down, but got off onto US 31 in Columbus and took IN-7 into Madison.


Due to the fact the Madison Fudge Factory closed at 5pm, we had less than a half hour to get in and get our fix of sugary goodness. The Factory’s HIGHLY recommended by us, as we’ve tried all the fudge shops in Madison….but we still buy from all of them anyway!

Next up was dinner at Hinkle’s Hamburgers on Main Street, an institution in Madison dating back to 1933. We were taken aback when our order arrived and the burgers were rather on the smallish side, but that did not deter from the quality of the meal. We’ll just know to order TWO each next time, as their prices are more than reasonable. They were maybe a tick larger than a White Castle burger, but without the side effects. ;-)

After our grub at Hinkle’s, we strolled to the east end of Main at US 421, then crossed over to the south side of Main and walked it back to the west end of Main. We took a lot of photos so we can, sometime in the future, compare them to some scenes in the 1958 film “Some Came Running”, with Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin, which was filmed in Madison.

We ended up back at the car near the Broadway Hotel, built in 1834.

The lady behind the front desk was kind enough to give us a key so we could look at the only vacant room of the ten they have, and it was like stepping back in time. It definitely had an 1800’s feel to it….all for $109/night on weekends & $85/night throughout the week.

From there, we loaded in the car and made our way towards the Ohio River for a couple of photos before making the 100 mile journey back home on US 421

The rest of my pics can be found on my flickr site, and Jennifer’s can be found here on her site.

Our Route 66-Themed Wedding


We visited Town of Summer Place during a Corvair club trip in July, 2002 – just two months before our wedding.  Town of Summer Place is the very cool realization of Jim Richardson’s dream…to build a replica of a typical 50’s town…in his own backyard, which helps him to raise funds for his charity “A Home For Every Child.” Click on the links below to learn more.

Pat & Jennifer's Wedding - Town of Summer Place, Sharpsville, Indiana Jim has built something very special…Jim has a barbershop, Standard Oil station, cinema, fire station and even a working diner!  They can even serve good old delicacies like cheeseburgers, fries, banana splits and cherry cokes!  When we saw a brochure about Summer Place which indicated that events could be held there, we immediately looked at each other with that gleam in our eyes…we knew we were each thinking we should have our wedding there!!  Monday, we got to work and started making the arrangements.  We even decided to have Jim and crew cater and we served our guests burgers, fries and cherry cokes!  Of course, banana splits and wedding cake for dessert.

Though it wasn’t on Route 66, it certainly was evocative of the spirit of Route 66!!

“Town of Summer Place”

This was just such an interesting place to see, all built within someone’s backyard!  There was a large building available to have the reception.  Not altogether glamorous, but functional anyway…the ambience of the “town” was what we really wanted.  It gave everyone a chance to roam around and enjoy looking at everything, as well as Jim’s collection of memorabilia, restored vintage bicycles, ice coolers, etc.  We decorated our tables with a Route 66 theme:  I made table tents of Route 66 photos for every table, and we also used cutouts from Michael and Suzanne Wallis’ book; I also made mini Burma Shave signs for the tables, and a “road” down the center.  We decorated everything in our Route 66 stuff, and Pat put together a display on Route 66.

Emily made us some real Burma Shave signs, which led our guests to the parking area.







We arrived in the Corvair owned by Pat’s best man, Pete Lapitsky.  We were escorted by Jim Richardson in his classic sheriff’s car – see photo below.  My maid of honor was my best friend, Lori Bouchard.

Arriving at our wedding ceremony

Of course, we had to have a cake shaped like a Route 66 shield!!!

Pat & Jennifer's Wedding - Town of Summer Place, Sharpsville, Indiana

Of course, no wedding would be complete without the company of your friends and family!!
Pat & Jennifer's Wedding - Town of Summer Place, Sharpsville, Indiana

Pat & Jennifer's Wedding - Town of Summer Place, Sharpsville, Indiana

Pat & Jennifer's Wedding - Town of Summer Place, Sharpsville, Indiana

Pat & Jennifer's Wedding - Town of Summer Place, Sharpsville, Indiana

Pat & Jennifer's Wedding - Town of Summer Place, Sharpsville, Indiana

More more of our wedding photos, please visit my Flickr site: September 14, 2002: Our Route 66-themed Wedding

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