May 10, 2008: New York, New York (Day 1)

This one’s not a road trip – we were making this just a 3-day weekend so Amber and I flew to NYC.

We had an early morning flight from Indianapolis, and arrived at the airport around 6. As we were walking to our gate, I caught sight of the sun rising over downtown Indianapolis.

Indianapolis at Sunrise from the airport

After arriving at LaGuardia, we took the M60 bus from LaGuardia to 125th Street / Lexington and connected with the 5 line subway down to the Fulton – Nassau – Broadway station and walked to our hotel, the Thompson Gild Hall. It is located on Platt Street between William and Gold Streets (its listed address is Gold Street, but the entrance is actually on Platt Street). We got a great deal on Priceline and we liked it alot – it was a nice boutique hotel, very roomy and upscale. They were very accommodating and we checked in early, which was nice. We didn’t have to deal with leaving our bags and checking in later.

Brooklyn Bridge – City Hall Park

We walked up to City Hall Park and got the 6 train to Spring Street for a visit to Little Italy.

Little Italy / Chinatown

From the Spring Street station, we walked east on Spring to Little Italy / Chinatown.

Click here for my photos of Little Italy & Chinatown (this map will take you to my Little Italy photos from this trip, as well as July 2007).

We then took the 6 to Grand Central Terminal, where Amber wanted to see the Whispering Wall, located by the Oyster Bar Restaurant. Evidently, there is an area where the arched design of the walls of a corridor enables two people, standing at opposite corners and facing the wall (like you’re being punished!), to talk to each other and be heard! I was skeptical, but it really works. We weren’t the only ones testing it out! Grand Central Terminal Photos

To Times Square

We then walked over to Times Square and headed north a little and had a slice of pizza at Ray’s Pizza. The joke in NY is the abundance of Ray’s Pizzas and the variation of names: Ray’s Pizza, Original Ray’s, Famous Ray’s, Famous Original Ray’s, etc. A slice by any name is good…  Midtown Manhattan Photos

We headed over to Lexington to catch the subway to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Being in art school, Amber wanted to visit and we didn’t have enough time on our last trip. So, we made sure to visit this time. They have a huge collection, of course, and we saw a fraction of what they have, but it was still good. We saw the Jeff Koons on the Roof Exhibit, which was very interesting and the views from the roof were beautiful, as it was just before sunset (but not quite!).

We headed back to the hotel and called it a night. Photos – Metropolitan Museum of Art and Upper East Side

Slideshow of All Photos

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