We met up with members of the Illinois Route 66 Association in the lobby of the motel, and everybody was really nice and friendly!  We all headed over to the barn, and it was such a great day!  It was a wonderful experience to help in restoring a Route 66 landmark like this.  There were plenty of people there to help, so there wasn’t always something to do, even though we wanted to help more.  But when there was something to be done, we pitched right in and helped.  We even managed to climb the scaffold and paint some letters, way at the top of the barn!  I guess I was inspired by Shellee Graham, who climbed the scaffold with tremendous ease (she says she was good at hiding her nervousness…indeed!).  It was a nice surprise to see Shellee there!  I also met several members of the Route 66 Yahoo Groups mailing list, which was terrific.  I couldn’t have been more pleased to meet so many wonderful people, especially after being new to Illinois and not knowing anyone.

We stayed until about 4:45, but then we had to leave and get back up to Romeoville.  Amber and I joined the Preservation Committee to be informed of future restoration projects, and Pat had already signed me up for a membership with the Illinois Route 66 Association.  So I look forward to continuing participating in future projects and events!

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